Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Publicado por Teku Studios


Candle is a classic adventure starring the inexperienced and vulnerable Teku, in his thrilling journey to save his friends and unravel the mysteries of his world. Through his epic journey he will face many trials and puzzles that the player must solve using his mind and inventiveness.
Candle is being developed in a traditional way, painting everything with watercolors and ink, and scanning all that in order to build the sprites of the environments, items, menus, etc. Also, the animations of every character in the game are not digital, instead we also draw and paint them frame-by-frame.

This “handmade” adventure is set to be released this January as a digital download for PC, completely DRM-Free.


  1. Your works looks great, much like machinarium style. But I think you put too many details or colors on the background that makes it too hard to see the character. At first it looks beatiful but after a while my head start becoming dizzy.

  2. Felicitaciones! Me encanto la grafica, a ver si logro comprarlo desde argentina. Aunque no lo he jugado he vistos los video en YouTube, así llegue hasta la pagina y me sorprendí al ver que esta hecho por españoles país en el que he vividos mis últimos 6 años, cuestión ... no quería dejar de felicitaros!